Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What makes Tzavorite so desirable?

The color scale shown by tzavorite gemstones from pale green via intensely bluish green to deep green, – colors which have an invigorating and fresh effect on the senses. The gemstone is also coveted because of its high brilliance. Like all other garnets it enjoys an especially high light refraction index. Not without reason, then, did old legends claim that garnets where difficult to hide. Their sparkling light was reported to be visible even trough clothes.

Contrary to other gemstones, tzavorites are not heated or oiled. This is not necessary for this gemstone. Like all other garnets it is a piece of immaculate and pure nature. Another positive characteristic is its robustness. Although showing a hardness similar to emerald - it is far less sensitive in its handling. This is not only important for cutting and setting the stone, but also for wearing.

Tzavorite is less likely to become damaged or to splinter even as consequence of abrupt or incautious impact. It is excellently suited for the favoured style of "invisible setting", where stones are set closely joined, and which cannot be recommended for emeralds. Due to its high brilliance, tzavorite here is an equal match for the classical gemstones like diamond, ruby and sapphire.

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